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ETE physio IFT 125 prog. (ETE-IMTL)


  • Provides non-invasive pain relief through electrical stimulation therapy
  • Designed to penetrate deeper into muscles and tissues for more effective treatment
  • May be used to treat chronic pain, muscle spasms, and sports injuries
  • Offers pre-set programs and customizable settings for personalized treatment
  • Compact and portable design for convenient use at home or on-the-go

Product Description

Professional Indian Exporter of High Quality Best Selling IFT+MS+TENS Computerized LCD Interferential Therapy Unit


Professional Indian Exporter of High Quality Best Selling IFT+MS+TENS Computerized LCD Interferential Therapy Unit


Though interference currents are classied as low frequency on the basis of their Therapeutic effective components, they have specific characteristic properties, which distinguish them from any other therapeutic low frequency current. These currents are used for the treatment of various muscular diseases and pains by passing them inside the body by means of electrodes. High frequency current waves acting on the tissues give relief from pain.

In General

Important frequencies in electro therapy are between 0 and 250 Hz. In interference therapy these frequencies are generated in the tissue by the superposition of two currents. Due to high frequency of the current intensities are used. Thus areas deep in the body can be stimulated.

Working Principles

In the Interferential Therapy, we make use of two medium frequency alternatively currents. These medium frequency currents are not identical and may differ in frequency up to 150 Hz. Two oscillator of medium frequency are generated and are cross wisely applied to the body by means of four electrode pads. (CH1) & (CH2) Each channel with on pair of pads i.e. two No. of pads. One oscillator has a fixed frequency of 4000 Hz the other one can be ranged in the freq. between 3850 Hz.

Both oscillator interfere i.e. intersect inside the body resulting in a modulated signal as a carrier and low frequency part (The difference in frequency) for the actual therapy. In simple words, we can define the interferential therapy as when two medium frequency currents, i.e. CH1 & CH2 intersects with each other, leading interference currents to be generated at the place.

For example, let us take two medium frequency current,
Current in CH1=4000 Hz. & in CH2=3850 Hz

These two currents are applied to any part of the body (or a tissue) at the points where the current cross each other. The new Beat frequency current set up is amplified which is been modulated i.e. AMF Amplified modulated medium frequency) and the frequencies of the new current is called Interferential current which is 150 Hz) by varying the constant frequency of the first it is possible to producer a range of beat frequencies deep in the patients tissue. Thus it is possible to create any desired frequency rate in the carrier currents.

(i) CH-1 – 4000 Hz – 3850 Hz depending on the beat freq. on selection of scan Programs.
(ii) CH-2 – 4000 Hz constant
(iii) Selection is also provided for 2000 Hz i.e. 2 KHz freq.

  • Interference frequency indicator by LCD Display.
  • Timer : 0-99 minutes, when timer reads ’00’ output cut off with alarm.
  • Scan patterns : 1. Rectangular, 2. Trapezoidal, 3. Traingular
  • Therapy modes : 1. 4 Pole interferential therapy, 2. 4 Pole vector intreferential therapy, 3. 2 Pole interferential therapy.

A. 4 Pole Mode

The maximum AMF is obtained in the intersection of the two applied alternating currents. Therefore the electrodes should be applied accurately. The balance controls (CH2) enables minor adjustment of the area of the effective stimulation the four pole method enables selective stimulation of the deeper lying tissue and is highly suitable of shoulders knee, neck and lower back. In this mode there has to be strictly all of the four pads that is two of CH1 & two of CH2.

B. 4 Pole Vector Method

In this mode i.e. 4 pole vector is selected, the 30 sec count down starts to set intensity property in the channel. i.e. (CH1 & CH2) In the order not to get jerk to the patient during 4 pv as when we increase intensity we are not able to understand the output current a it is varying continuously. As in this one of CH1 o/p remains constants while CH2 is frequency or currents start varying. It automatically scans the full area applied (4 pads compulsory). In this mode amplitude varies but frequency is stable of one channel and vice versa for other channel.

C. 2 pole mode

In this mode the AMF interferential currents is generated inside the unit and supplied to the patient through two electrodes. This method makes it very easy to localize the area of stimulation because the AMF is present in the entire region between the two electrodes. It is particularly suitable for the treatment of trigger points muscle and skin zones. In this mode it is not necessary to use all of four pads, but two pads are used i.e. a pair of pads can be applied individually at any two different places at a time.

Beat Frequency & Scan Mode

As here directly beat frequency is produced which is basically difference of Base Freq. & Beat Freq. Which can be varied from 0 Hz to 150 Hz maximum, by pressing push-button on the front panel and hence the desired frequency can be selected. Their are four readily available scan modes 0-150, 80-150, 0-10 & 0-150 continuous mode which gives fixed frequency of 150 Hz continuously for the desired treatment time. Other scan modes such as 0-150, 80-150, & 0-10 they vary automatically as per various scan patterns selected such as

Sweep Pattern

Program 1: The frequency remains at the base frequency for 1 sec abruptly rises to the highest frequency covers by the spectrum set. It is held at a higher freq. For one sec after which it returns to the base frequency, and the cycle repeats. This wave form is strong & aggressive and border. This program is recommended for chronic complaints demanding rigorous treatment.
1 Sec.
1 Sec. 1 Sec.

Program 2: The frequency is applied for 5 sec. The frequency then rises to the higher frequency in 1 sec & is maintained at the higher level for 5 sec. These afterward it returns to the base frequency in 1 sec. This treatment is much milder & tolerated by patients easily with acute disorders.
1 Sec. 5 Sec.
5 Sec.

Program 3: In this case the frequency varies from base frequency to the higher frequency in six seconds & returns to the base frequency in 6 sec. covering a total time of 12 sec. This treatment mode is the mildest patients muscle active and going waste due to lack of mobility.

6 Sec. 6 Sec.
As there are two frequencies 2 Khz& 4 Khz selections given on the front panel frequency can be selected as per your requirement. Note that frequency selection is only possible in STOP mode i.e. by pressing start/ stop push-button, once the desire frequency is selected and started it would be locked i.e. your would not be able to select frequency, if to arranged, go to STOP mode, make the selection and again press the same START / STOP push button to start to start the treatment. One, which is started by pressing START / STOP button. The selected frequency is locked and can be changed after stopping the unit.


Timer can be set from 0 to 99 min. indicate by green seven display as soon as the unit starts the timer according to your requirement in the stop mode i.e. by pressing start / stop push button. Note that once you have selected desired time and pressed the start / stop push button agains for starting the timer, the treatment time locked i.e. it cannot be changed again press start / stop button. The green display continuously shows the remaining treatment duration in minutes steps also indicated by ashing green small dont on right hand corner of timers display. At the end of the treatment i.e. when the timer reads ’00’ output cut odd with alarm, at the time you can stop the alarm by pressing the start / stop button and again start the treatment.


There are two intensity control individually given for the both the channels. CHANNEL (CH1) & CHANNEL 2 i.e. BALANCE (CH2) & also shows their real output in mA current in green seven segment display individually for each channel. It can be varied as per your requirement. Note that intensity has to be increased until the patient can tolerate or the current. As soon as when timer reads ’00’ with alarm, the intensity would be cut off indicted by ’00’ reading in both the channel. As Delta’s interferential therapy unit has got safe start feature i.e. as soon as when the mains power cutoffs and if it comes a sudden the patient may not get jerk of the previously set intensity it has to be increased again from the initial. Please NOTE it that if you want to STOP the treatment then Decrement of the o/p current by Intensity control on the front panel i.e. bring it to its initial position ’00’ As START / STOP push button is given to vary timer programs, the treatment mode frequency & sweep pattern in the stop mode and after all the above controls and modes have been set, the treatment button, indicated by LED as given just above the START/STOP button.


Separate displays and button has been given for the various programs on the front panel. As soon as when the unit is started the program mode reads ’00’ by default, which indicated that the unit is in manual mode in which the user or physician can program various controls and modes as per his requirement. The program can only be selected in STOP mode i.e. by pressing START/STOP push button given on the front panel and can be started again by pressing the same button. There are total 16 pretended (0 to 16) programs indicated on the program display s/s. These all programs are programmed according to various diseases & advised to physician. All 16 programs are explained on the last pages.


1. Moisten then electrode and fix in the two cable wires for CH1 & CH2.
2. Connect the output socket, which is the set of the four wires in output section of the front panel.
3. Fix the electrodes on the body of the patient in such a position where the output will cross the applied area.
4. When using 2 pole mode-both the channels CH1 & CH2 can be used individually at two different places.
5. Connect the unit into the mains by the mains cable.
6. Switch ‘ON’ the unit.
7. As soon as the unit is ‘ON’ the program will read ’00’, i.e. manual mode, in which the unit can be programmed as per the requirement of the user. Like:

  • Set the treatment timer.
  • Selected the base and sweep frequency range.
  • Select the sweep pattern.
  • Select the frequency mode either 2 KHz or 4 KHz.
  • Select the treatment mode.
  • Then press the Start / Stop push button.
  • Finally increase the intensity gently and cautiously until the patient starts feeling the current & up to the patient’s tolerance capacity.
  • If there is a difference in current both the channels, this can be equalized by the balance control, Channel CH2 is provided for this purpose. Usually this difference is caused due to difference in resistance in the body where the two currents are passing.

8. The currents in CH1 & CH2 are independently measured.



  • Don’t instantly apply high intensity (set intensity to ’00’ apply electrode and then start increasing the intensity.
  • Electrode should not touch each other when unit is ‘ON’.
  • Check for the supply voltages at your area. It should be 230v AC.
  • Interferential current should not be applied in the following cases :
  • Tumors
  • Person with cardiac disease
  • Any suppurativeinammations
  • Inside the head (cranium)
  • Abdomen area of pregnant women
  • Lower abdomen area of menstruating women
  • Children under 10 years of age
  • Bleeding at the surface or internally


Professional Indian Exporter of High Quality Best Selling IFT+MS+TENS Computerized LCD Interferential Therapy UnitProfessional Indian Exporter of High Quality Best Selling IFT+MS+TENS Computerized LCD Interferential Therapy UnitProfessional Indian Exporter of High Quality Best Selling IFT+MS+TENS Computerized LCD Interferential Therapy UnitProfessional Indian Exporter of High Quality Best Selling IFT+MS+TENS Computerized LCD Interferential Therapy UnitProfessional Indian Exporter of High Quality Best Selling IFT+MS+TENS Computerized LCD Interferential Therapy Unit


Professional Indian Exporter of High Quality Best Selling IFT+MS+TENS Computerized LCD Interferential Therapy Unit



Product Name Computerized LCD Interferential Therapy Unit
Operating Voltage 230 volts AC supply 50 Hz, 5 AC current
Medium frequency 4 Khz and 2 Khz
No of programs 150 programs
Output type 100% Isolated
Output Two separate outputs CH-1 & CH-2
Output Current 0 to 50 MA
Output Frequency It can be varied by intensity control
Packaging & delivery
Packaging Details

Packaging is done in cardboard box.
Customized packaging as per buyer requirement is even accepted
3-45 days after confirming order, detail delivery date should be decided according to
production season and order quantity.


Any Port in India

Lead time:
Quantity(pieces) 1 – 100 >100
Lead time (days) 7 To be negotiated


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