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ETE physio Lcd ultrasonic 1&3 Mhz (‎ETE SONIC-13)


  • ETE PHYSIO Ultrasound Therapy Device for effective pain relief and tissue healing. Dual frequency 1&3 MHz for deep penetration and treatment customization
  • Ideal for physiotherapy and rehabilitation treatments. Safe and non-invasive alternative to medication.
  • Portable and lightweight design for easy use at home or on the go. Adjustable timer for safe and effective treatments
  • LCD screen for easy monitoring and customization. Helps reduce inflammation and swelling. Promotes tissue regeneration and repair. Safe and effective for all ages
  • Suitable for healthcare professionals and home use. Multiple modes for customized treatments. Can be used to complement existing physical therapy or fitness routines.

Ultrasonic 1 & 3 MHz


This is an advance therapeutic Ultrasonic Therapy device produce sound waves of 1 & 3 MHz frequency used to stimulating the tissue beneath the skin’s surfaces, the high frequency massage (stimulation effect) penetrates up to 5″ below the skin surface and the effect like micro massage affects very small molecules and membrane cells of tissue in the body and actually causes them to move one place to another and vibrate them at their own place and get them heat up. The continuous high frequency penetration into the cells and molecules results the thermal damages therefore the method of intermitted cycle penetration energy in the better way relief the pain. It is way of frequency modulation in the pattern of high frequency or low frequency. It comes in penetration ON and penetration OFF.

The unit is absolutely compact lightweight device, designed with micro-controller based electronic solid state technique and assembled in powder coated metal chassis, very variable and convenient for clinical use, comfortable for visiting consultants, long running use and personal as well as professional purpose.

Insure, before to use this high frequency generator for the treatment to the patient, the condition and disease for which the treatment is being after to the particular area of the patient should be properly diagnosed by an expert therapist, the treatment may be given.


The unit is designed with latest technology, which comprises the following features:


All modes treatment timer and intensity displays are provided at the front panel, including LED indicator for easy visibility of friendly use for selected operational mode. The mains ON/OFF switch and transducer socket are provided at front.


The modes of operation, which are provided at front panel, can be selected by the Switch and the mode of use will be identied by LCD display and also time and intensity level.


This unit has a 1 & 3MHz frequency generator with transducer head for deep penetration into the tissue and healing the lesion muscle approx 5″ area from the surface where applied the high frequency energy and the intensity can be applied as the required area and treated by approx 2.5″ dia meter transducer lead.


A continuous transmission of frequency and carried power energy produced into the tissue, efciently absorbed by portion are connected heat, accelerate the heating and extensively increase the collagen, thus the stretching in stiffness is easier. A thermal effect (Pulse Mode) energy generation is adopted to avoid the tissue from the complications due to the thermal effects or ultrasound producing into the tissue at all. Cavitations behavior can lead to the formation of highly reactive free radicals although free radicals are produced by cells naturally which are removed by free radicals scavengers, excess production of natural free radicals scavenger system could however be damaging and decrease of intensity cause cavitations use of continuous some time damage the tissue cells due to the excessive energy constantly produced into the tissue and use of pulse wave forms of ultrasound increase the collagen synthesis 30% against the 20% of continuous wave form with the same power ratio.

Biological effect related cavitations and micro mass age cells degramulations change on cells membranes functions, increase the level of intracellular calcium, broblast activity stimulation resulting increased protein synthesis, neoangiogensis collagens elastic tension with those effects more pronounced with pulse ultrasound.


The power energy produced, unit of power intensity is w/cm2 to 3.5w/cm2 and the diameter area of the transducer is playing signicant role for the intensity transmission to the area to be applied for treatment similarly when applied in pulse mode, different pulse modulations are provided and the power intensity reduced in similar ratio.


As the treatment time gets over all set parameters becomes Reset ‘0’ condition for further implementations and an audio indication start giving by 33er.


This unit is designed with latest technology with safety of patient and the user both even it is recommended by the producer (company) before to be used always check the proper functionality of the unit then apply to the patient for treatment.

  • The main line Cord should be properly attached to socket provided in the back side of the unit through a proper voltage stabilizer.
  • And the transducer head lying on the hanger by right side of the unit should be properly attached to the socket.
  • A digital timer can be selected for desired treatment and after completion of treatment time an audio alarm switched ON and controller cuts off the delivery of power output.
  • The mode of application can be selected thereafter either in continuous or pulsed mode delivery of power along with different pulse modulations per second.
  • Pulse mode selection is 1 pulse per second to 9 pulse per second available which can be selected as the requirement of the treatment recommended.
  • Power level 0.1w/cm to maximum 3.5w/cm depending upon the area to be treated and the condition of the disease.
  • A good quality conductive jelly should be applied for treatment on the area where the treatment has to be given for better performance on the unit.
  • Press START/STOP (S/S) switch after selecting all the parameters.
  • After completion of treatment as selected for prescribed time and dose, the transducer head should be properly cleaned and put on the hanger lying on one side of the unit.
  • Always the machine should be switch OFF from the mains after completion of treatment time.



Model :Ultrasonic Therapy Unit
Operating Modes :Continuous / Pulse Mode
Pulse Mode :1:1, 1:3, 1:5, 1:7, 1:9
Operating Frequency :1 & 3 MHz
Output :15  Watts  max.  in  continuous
    Mode & 21 Watts max. in Pulse
Ultrasonic Power Density :Up to 3.5 Watts / Sq cum


  • Treatment Time :        0 to 99 Minutes
  • Power Supply :        190 – 220 Volts


  1. Ultrasonic Applicator 1 PC
  2. Main Cord 1 PC
  3. Unit Cover 1 PC
  4. Instruction Manual 1 PC


  • LED Display for 1 MHz
  • Switch for Selecting Prog. & Mode
  • Switch for Increasing Time & Intensity
  • Switch for Decreasing Time & Intensity
  • Switch for Selecting Pulse Modes & 1 & 3 MHz Option
  • Switch for Start & Stop
  • LED Display for 3 MHz





Prog. No. Programme Name Time Continuos / Pulse
1. Amputation Pain 6 Min Pulse
2. Arth Minor Joint 10 Min Continuos
3. Atomic Wound 6 Min Continuos
4. Arth Lower Limbs 3 Min Continuos
5. Causalgia 8 Min Pulse
6. Circulation Prob 6 Min Continuos
7. Cellulities 15 Min Continuos
8. Dysmenorsthea 5 Min Pulse
9. Dupuytren’s 10 Min Pulse
10. Gallstones 10 Min Pulse
11. Lumbego 10 Min Continuos
12. Ledderhose 6 Min Pulse
13. Minere’s Vertigo 4 Min Pulse
14. Neurinoma 6 Min Pulse
15. Nurelgia 10 Min Pulse
16. Osses / Mescara 8 Min Pulse
17. Post Harpes Pain 6 Min Continuos
18. Pulmonary Infect 10 Min Continuos
19. Planter Verrucas 15 Min Continuos
20. Reflex Algodystr 6 Min Continuos
21. Radial Epicoudil 8 Min Continuos
22. Sacro-iliac Arth 10 Min Continuos
23. Scars 6 Min Continuos
24. Talalgia 10 Min Continuos
25. Tendonitis 8 Min Continuos
26. Vertebal Arth 10 Min Continuos
27. Varicose 10 Min Continuos




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